Google local search managEment

by Maximus Consulting - Wanaka

What is Google LOCAL SEARCH / LOCAL SEO?  

Local Search SEO is a way of making your business more visible to people in Google's search results, if your business has a physical location or serves a geographic area.

Local Search has become very important since Google moved local results to the top of their search result page. To see what we mean, take a look at the example below. We search for 'bike shops' and  the first block of results are all local search results - they are bike shops local to your current location.

So, how do you get your business to feature here, and more importantly, how do you make sure it's at the top of the list?

How do we improve Local Search results using Google Business profile?

Firstly, we can work with you to ensure that your Google Business Profile is set up in the most effective way for your business. Google Business Profile is Google's attempt to provide a standardised way that a business owner describes their business to Google, so that Google can highlight the business to someone searching for related products or services. There are a myriad of tips and tricks to make sure that your profile is optimised so that your products and services are best presented.

Secondly, it's really important that your website is organised in a way that meshes in well with your Google Business Profile. Does each of your services have an associated page? Do your contact details match exactly? Do you have consistent text and presentation of your products?

Then, the next stage is to look at how to earn and manage reviews. These are an absolute must when it comes to ranking. It's not just about the number and score of reviews, but the quality of your response to reviews and how you are maintaining this online reputation.

Finally, we look at the details of your geographic area - what is your local market definition in your eyes? Where will your potential customers come from, and where are they searching from? This makes a considerable difference and requires considering the competition that might exist within the range available to your potential customers. You are not only trying to win in town, but trying to make sure your town is considered to people from another city.

"I feel that almost all local businesses can benefit from having local search results improved. It's much less 'hit and miss' than traditional SEO work and in my view, it's an honest approach to help Google and your business serve each other"
Tim David,
Founder - Maximus Consulting

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