digital strategy

by Maximus Consulting

Having a great looking site is only half of the battle.

Even with a great looking site, you may have no site traffic.  

How should you tie your social sites in to your website?
Where should you invest your precious time when it comes to online marketing?
Or maybe Google Search doesn't show your site on the first page.

We can navigate the maze of options for you.
We'll suggest and then implement the simplest and most effective Digital Strategy for your business.

Here's what we do:


what exactly is it?

A business' digital strategy needs to mirror the business objectives. What growth, customers, clients, future are you looking for? We enjoy talking to business owners and finding out what they really want for their business and therefore their web presence. 

Should the site produce sales or bookings of your product? Is it a lead generation tool - the first step in getting people to your sales team where they can become prospects?  Or is the site a place where your brand or community can be represented and encouraged to thrive - where people connect to your organisation.

Understanding these objectives, and delivering a plan to measure and improve against them is how we deliver your Digital Strategy.


fine tune your website to work in today's world

We leave nothing to chance - we confirm the technical performance of your site and audit with Google Analytics, MOZ SEO and Google Search Console.

We'll find the issues that may be penalising your business search performance.

We'll discuss with the business and decide together on the best course of action. Once implemented - we don't just walk away - we make sure these actions work. Maximus Consulting recommend simple actions and tell you what they will do to improve your site's effectiveness.

We continue analysis and reporting and let you see how well the actions are working.


helping your visitors become customers

We can then recommend an analytical approach to achieving your digital objectives. We look at your current site, it's content, it's traffic, it's search performance and analyse each in great detail. We compare you to your competitors or the best-in-field examples and benchmark.

Google Analytics dashboard CRO

We look at how industry trends and patterns may be relevant to you now or in the future. We then start to work with you to improve.


Google adwords without the waste

You know that Google Adwords gives you the power to get your site listed at the top of the search results. But this is only the start.

You can easily spend a lot of money with no conversions to show.
How do you make sure that your page is only shown to the people that you are trying to convert?  
How do you make sure that the right people click - and you don't get stung by people clicking and leaving.

Google AdWords Dashboard CPC

We can help.  

We can manage Adwords accounts for you, working to a budget and ensuring that your ad is being seen at the right place and attracts the right people.

You will see the rate of conversion go up for the same expenditure - better value - more success.

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